Creative and Innovative Landscape Solutions Within Staffordshire and Derbyshire

Forget Me Nots Landscaping is a Division of the KW Estates Limited an umbrella company operating within the counties of Staffordshire and Derbyshire. Forget Me Nots was initially set up as a commercial only landscaping business but we are now happy to announce that our team can also transform residential properties as well.


FMN has built a reputation of being the landscaping company businesses go to when they need a job doing as quickly as possible, we are the leading landscaping company when time is against all other landscapers, we can step in and minimise the time taken an a job as well as the disruption that works would normally cause to your business operations.  




What Services do we Provide?

We offer a complete service from design to maintenance we will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for whether it is a small project to mega multiple projects.

Who Supplies Us?

We have developed a portfolio of trusted suppliers which we will guarantee, we also have exclusive relationships with some suppliers so you can only access their product through us.

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